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Where do I purchase class passes?

Class passes/memberships for our drop-in dance classes can be purchased here

Class passes/memberships for our Premium wellness classes can be purchased here.

Class passes can also directly be purchased from our schedule page – just choose the class time and day which you would like to come in and proceed with purchase.

You can request to book and/or inquire about private lessons here

What is the difference between Drop-in Classes and Pre-register Programs?

Our Drop-in classes can be joined at any time – these classes are great for students who’d like some flexibility with their classes. Drop-in class passes/packages can be viewed here.

Pre-register programs are for students who can commit to the set number of weeks & to get the best learning experience from the program. Prices vary according to the program and number of weeks. 

Announcements about new programs are sent out by email to current students and also announced on our Social Media and Website

Do I need to bring a partner?

No you do not. For any of our dance classes (especially latin dance styles) that teach any partnerwork – we always provide an opportunity for students to rotate and partner up with other students and the instructor in the class.

What should I wear to classes?

For dance lessons, it’s best to wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move easily and a pair of comfortable shoes that fit well and have soles that allow you to turn easily. 

For Premium wellness classes, it is best to wear active wear, not too loose fitting, especially for bungee or Aerial hammock/yoga classes.

Please also bring your own water bottle with you, as our water station is only available in our main studio – you can avoid time spent going back and forth between studios.

For our Premium Wellness classes – please do not come into class with a full stomach, and for our Bungee class – please wear athletic wear bottoms that cover up to mid – thigh or more to be comfortable in the harnesses.

Can I learn more than one dance at a time?

Yes of course! We encourage students to try out different styles to expand their knowledge and dance skills in the variety of dance styles that we offer. It also gives opportunities to students to trial and error to see what they do and don’t like in terms of styles.

How do I book a private class? How much are they?

You can request to book and/or inquire about private lessons here.

You can book a Private tryout lesson for just $29 for individuals and $45 for couples – this includes a lesson + consultation

We always recommend students to do a tryout to consult with the instructor and come to a decision on which package will be best for them.

One private lesson is $120 for a 45 minutes length 1-on-1 lesson.

How do I contact you?

Click here to find our contact page. You can also fill out an inquiry form and we will get in touch with you.

Where are you located?

We are located at 4750 Yonge Street, third floor Unit 326 (right above LCBO), please turn left after you walk out of the elevator.

Here is an instagram video link that shows you directions on how to get to our studio.


You can also find more information about how to find us here.

Where can I find parking? Is it free?

Free street parking available on weekdays after 6pm and all day weekends:

– Park west of 43 Poyntz Ave

– it is just a short walk over to the building from there.

– Check out attached map image for free street parking

When parking, please pay close attention to street parking signs!!

Parking on weekdays before 6pm: 

– Enter underground UPark ( Orange Parking Entrance on the Northside of our Building, beside Tim Hortons)

– Free within 1hr Parking: – Park, then use Retail Elevators to 3rd floor, turn left to unit 326. See us at the Front Desk

– For more than 1hr parking: please go to underground payment kiosk

How do I book/sign-in for a class?

In order to reduce crowding at the front desk, at this time you can purchase your passes online here

Or you can find and choose the class you’d like to attend and purchase and book the class here

Once passes are purchased you will be able to create a wellness account and book your class using the wellness app.

I’m a new student - Can I buy the new student passes more than once?

The new student passes are only offered as a first purchase offer. New students will only be able to buy only one of the offered new student pass options. 

We always recommend that students looking to try more than one style or even try the class more than once before committing to purchase the 3 class pass for $45

Note: New student passes expire within one month of purchase

Is there an expiry on purchased class passes?

Yes! All class passes come with a set expiry date – you will not receive a reminder before the pass/passes expire. We ask that all students please double check when purchasing and also through their wellness living account to keep track of their passes and expiry dates.

In the case of travel or medical reasons – you are able to put active class passes or memberships on freeze/hold.

Please get in touch with us as soon as possible so that we can assist you.

What if I want to cancel/hold my membership?

All memberships are set to automatically renew (charges are applied depending on the membership chosen at the time of purchase)  

In the case of cancellation – students will need to notify staff a minimum of  10 days in advance of the next renewal date. 

In the case of travel or medical reasons – you are able to freeze/hold your memberships.

What if my payment Card is not working?

It’s probably a protection on your cards. If you’ve never purchased with us before, it may stop the payment. 

Not to worry, we do offer other methods of payment such as etransfer or cash at front desk – 

Note: When paying cash or etransfer, please make sure to add hst 13% to ensure your paying the correct amount.

For etransfer payments please do mention the class/program/service you are paying for in the memo before sending – this will ensure better tracking

All etransfer payments are to be made to info@stardancecentre.com 

Which class should I take?

If you are unsure about which class to take – you can always check out class videos  on our Instagram Account  or YouTube and find a class that sticks out to you! Or feel free to contact us.

Do you have Gift Cards?

Yes. Our gift cards can be found right here.

How do I redeem my Gift Card?

Gift card recipients will receive an email – in this email the recipient will be given the option to use or print the gift card. 

If you click on use, you will be redirected to the Wellness Living page to either sign in or create an account. On your account page,  select the Billing tab – scroll down to find ‘Daily Deal or Gift Card Redemption Code and enter in your gift card code to click submit after which your passes will be added to your account.

You can choose to print the gift card and bring it into the studio and we can help you redeem the passes.

I purchased a Gift Card for a friend - How do I redeem my one pass?

When you purchase a gift card the +1 pass for yourself will need to be manually added to your account. 

Please get in touch with staff by calling in 647-689-5818 or email info@stardancecentre.com or let us know at the front desk. We will need to check your account or see the purchase receipt before adding the pass.

Do Gift Cards have an expiry date?

No, gift cards do not have an expiry date until they are redeemed. 

Once gift cards are redeemed the class passes will have an expiry date automatically applied. Please check your account to find out the expiry date.

Which classes can I take with my membership?

Unlimited Dance Drop-in class membership holders can attend any of our drop-in classes – listed in light blue on our schedule .

Unlimited Premium wellness membership holders can attend any of the drop-in classes listed in light green on our schedule. Premium Wellness classes includes: Aerial Hammock, Aerial Yoga, Bungee Fitness and Immune Booster Infrared Hot Yoga

Classes listed in red are pre-register programs and require a separate purchase, unless stated otherwise.

How far in advance can I book my class?

You can book your class weeks in advance. The latest you can book is 1 hour before the class starts. To avoid crowding at the front desk we are no longer signing in students for classes in the studio.

What is the cancellation policy?

You can cancel your reserved class on the Wellness Living app/webpage – Find the class which you have already booked and choose cancel. We require a minimum of 2 hours prior notice to cancel a reserved class without penalty. If you don’t cancel before 2 hours, and/or don’t show up, you will not receive your class pass back on your account.

What if I need to cancel a rental or private lesson booking?

We require 24 hours notice to reschedule a rental or private class booking. Please email info@stardancecentre.com.

Do you have a late policy?

We recommend you arrive 5 minutes before your class. Please be sure you have signed in before coming into the studio – the Wellness Living app/page will allow you to sign in up to 1 hour before your class is set to begin. 

For Premium Wellness classes, you will not be able to enter a class after 10 minutes has passed, however, we are happy to get you into the next available class!

Do you follow the same class schedule every week?

Our schedule is usually the same, however we encourage students to check their wellness living app/page or here on our website ( Scroll down to see the list of classes for each day).

 In the case of class cancellations, students will be informed by email and will also be able to see on their wellness living app. 

Any changes such as subs for instructors or class cancellations are announced daily on our Social Media.

New classes, workshops and announcements are made via email to existing students and also on our Social media pages. 

Any changes made to the schedule can be found online or on our social media platforms. 

I’m on a waitlist for a class, how do I know if I will get a spot or not?

Students on the waitlist will be moved into the class and  notified by email once the spot becomes available.

Can I film myself in the class?

If you’re interested in filming what you’ve learned at the end of your class, please check in with your teacher to make sure that they’re comfortable with that. Sometimes our videographer will come to film a class (requested by the teacher). Those videos can often be found on our Instagram and social media pages.

How do I get the class recordings?

Sometimes our faculty or team members will come to film a class. Those videos are available to be transferred to students only on the same day of the class. We do not keep all our class videos – so please ask the team member to transfer the videos via bluetooth or airdrop.

How many students will be in each class?

The number of people in each class varies each week and also depends on the capacity of the studio. Classes will continue to run with any amount of people within the capacity of the designated room. 

When you register online for a class, you still need to come to the Front Desk to ensure that you’re checked-in to your class. Once checked-in our front desk associates will give you further instructions on where your class will be and where to wait.

When I come in, do I just go straight into class?

When you register online for a class, please check with our Front Desk to ensure that you’re checked-in to your class. Once checked-in our front desk associates will give you further instructions on where your class will be and where to wait.

Can I join the class before paying?

No, you must pay and sign-in to the class before it begins.

I want to attend the Sunday workshop and not the social (or vice versa), is it still $15 for entry?

Yes, the social is an extension of the workshop, some dancers do choose to come to social only and skip the workshop.

What is your refund or extension policy?

All purchases are final sale and there are no extensions. 

A student can request a hold/freeze on their account in case of medical reasons or traveling.