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Covid-19 Safety Procedures for Staff and Students

Help Keep Star Dance Safe, Friendly, and Covid-Free!

Please familiarize yourself with our procedures and make sure you are ok with following them before signing up for an in-person class.

1) Proof of vaccination and a valid ID is required (for regular members, we will keep your proof of vaccination on file for 3 months)
2) You must fill out a self-screening/contact tracing form at the front desk before entering the studio.
3) Capacity is limited by government guidelines, please register in advance.
4) You are also required to follow additional Covid safety measures indicated by various signs in the building.


  1. Sign up online to pre-book your spot.
  1. Please arrive no earlier than 10 mins before class

§  Note that you must wait in the hallway until the previous class has exited to avoid crowding in our lobby

  1. Masks must be worn at all times, before entering the studio, and when going to washroom

§   We do this to reduce the chance of droplet transmission and to reduce the spread of airborne particles

§   Masks must securely cover the nose and mouth with no gapping.

  1. Sign-in at the front desk (a staff member will guide you through)

§  All staff and students will be temperature-checked with a touchless thermometer

§  Everyone must disinfect their hands with our provided hand sanitizers before entering the studio

  1. Please enter the studio once you are checked-in to avoid crowding in the lobby.


  1. Classes are capped at 15 students, some styles capped at 10 students
  1. Physical distancing is mandatory 

§  Please be especially mindful in the lobby and during traveling combinations in class

  1. There will be no physical contact until further notice. 


  1. Sadly, no lingering after class. All students and instructors must leave within 5 mins.

§   Please take all belongings with you (including your shoes, bags, and clothes)

§   Keep your mask on when exiting the studio

  1. Contact us immediately if you develop symptoms or a positive test result. 

§   This information will remain confidential. We will inform students and staff of potential exposure without sharing your name or any other details.

  1. The Star Dance team will disinfect all multi-use surfaces and equipment. Floors will be washed and disinfected regularly.  

Let us know if there is anything else we can do to make you feel safe and supported during this challenging time. 

Thank you for your continued cooperation and support in keeping our staff and students safe!

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass … it’s about learning to dance in the rain!

See you soon!